We come together to appreciate our uniqueness, explore our connections, and celebrate our discoveries.

About Us

Mission, Goals, Beliefs, and What We Do

Mission: Our mission is to give children hands-on cultural lessons that will help them be more equipped to understand the similarities and differences within humankind. We promote power through understanding, unity, and appreciation. 
Goals: It is our goal to lead unity by being an example of it.  Our parents share with each other how to teach kids culture and the arts in fun ways. This is achieved by meeting other families with similar goals. We hope that by making learning hands-on and fun, families will develop a long-lasting desire to learn together and with others about cultures from all over the world.
Beliefs:  We believe this style of learning will promote a chain reaction of global fellowship, civic engagement, and empowerment.
What We Do: Through creative hands-on learning experiences we discover our uniqueness and we find what connects us so our world gets a little bit closer! We celebrate this knowledge and do it all over again!

Note: We offer adventures that are open to all students who attend homeschool, private, charter, or public institutions. 

We also offer Co-op specific opportunities for those on a homeschool path.  For more information select Programs, Co-op, FAQs.