We come together to appreciate our uniqueness, explore our connections, and celebrate our discoveries.

FAQs Before You Join

We are an enrichment program that also offers a co-op as an option.  

We have our own co-op; we also partner with other co-ops and educational institutions through our enrichment programming.


A homeschool co-op is a group of families who meet together and work cooperatively to achieve common goals. Co-ops can be organized around academics, social time, the arts, activities, crafts, service work, or projects — or some combination of these to enrich a child’s education. Some co-ops choose to higher professionals to teach students while others choose to parent-teach. Many do both.

By joining with other homeschooling families, you pull your resources together. Responsibilities can be divided up and shared amongst the group.
Classes are usually held once a week but vary from group to group. Costs are low for parent-led classes and are higher for teacher paid classes. Parents share expertise and resources with each other.

The Arizona Multicultural Homeschool Alliance is dedicated to bringing together children from all cultural backgrounds to share and learn about the diversities of life. We foster an environment for children to express and enjoy those things that make us all unique and special while appreciating and loving the things that tie us together in a common bond.

We are OPEN TO ALL students’ learning and are not limited to homeschooled children only.  We simply believe learning starts at home.

We offer academic and enrichment classes and opportunities once a week and semesterly to families in the Valley of the Sun. We also seek to create a close-knit community where families feel they belong and are supported. We do this through a co-op (cooperative) model, where each family contributes in some way.

We offer opportunities for your participation in various ways. You do not have to be a part of our weekly co-op to be a part of AMHA. We have opportunities for semester projects, festivals, field trips, classes, activities and involvement partnering with organizations such as sports clubs and more.

If your child or co-op is looking for a social development, a social studies teacher, class, or program we fit that need.

Our main focuses are cultural studies and social inclusion, but we are not limited to this category.

No, but is a goal that cross-cultural social development and learning is achieved while participating in all subjects. We do seek to include an understanding of various cultural perspectives throughout our programming. We call this systemic cultural inclusion.

Our co-op does include subjects outside of social and cultural studies.


You can be a part of any educational institution or community and use AMHA as a resource. 

Our co-op focuses on AMHA programs. If you choose to elect into one of our programs and are not apart of our co-op, this is welcomed.

We offer co-op specific coursework for those on a homeschool path.  This learning is specific to our co-op members.  We will offer some private co-op programs if desired by the group.  These opportunities will appear under the co-op member login only.

We also offer non-homeschooled adventures that are open to all.