We come together to appreciate our uniqueness, explore our connections, and celebrate our discoveries.


To help us pay for entry fees into festivals, school supplies, scholarships and more, we need people like you to help us succeed.

Global Sponsor – $1500 a year
Global sponsorships go directly to our History in the Making Awards program. Through this program we give kids scholarships who are making moves in our local communities and around the world.

Festival Sponsor – $750 a year
Festival sponsorship goes directly to our children participating in cultural events and festivals in our local community. Often there are fees associated with getting booths at these events. Your sponsorship aids in booth fees, booth decorations, and educational supplies students need for projects presented at the festival.

Field Trip Sponsor – $500 a year
Field trip sponsorship pays for kids entry into various places we visit around town. Whether it is the Arizona Science Center, Butterfly Wonderland, or a local Farmers Market often children will need ticket money and money for lunch. Your sponsorship helps make this happen more seamlessly.

Activities Sponsor – $250 a year
Sometimes it is good for our youth to get together, cut loose, and have fun. Learning that we all have a common like-of ice skating, swimming parks, or roller blades is a great way to teach our kids how truly similar we all really are when we just get together and party. Your funds pay for entry to these locations, gas, van rental, and food.

Class Sponsor – $125 a year
We want our kids to be introduced to some of the greatest thinkers in our state and abroad. This sponsorship helps us offer an honorarium or payment to a local scientist, drummer, folklore speaker, or theatre troop to come in and host an event.

Supply Sponsor- $65 a year
This donation goes toward supplies used for all of our events and activities.

Super Home Ranger Scouts- $35 a year
Become a volunteer and donate your time to help with our Super Home Ranger Scouts. We need moms and dads, aunties, uncles and grandparents who want to help us build a program for our littles to do at home and in our towns to earn badges and awards that reward civic minded behaviour. We will use this money to get you a cape or T-shirt with a badge or symbol of honor.

Time Sponsor- $0 a year
To participate in all our regular activities this is absolutely free. We ask that if you are a parent or guardian of a child in the program you donate your time volunteering at one activity a year so our children are able to see a diverse group of leaders, that being you, taking an active role in everyone’s cultural development.