We come together to appreciate our uniqueness, explore our connections, and celebrate our discoveries.

Badges & Awards


Super Home Ranger Scouts offer several badges in eight main areas of learning.  We make discovering in each area fun and interactive.  Each badge is offered to all age levels. The badge builds upon itself so that children continuously build upon a subject and over time gain a deep knowledge.  Also if older kids are apart of the same groups as younger ones they can be group leaders as they grow too, which is a lesson in itself.  This method reconnects kids with any forgotten or missed material if working in a multi-age group.  Every area has its own set of badges within that category.  

These Programs are Coming Soon!

  • Explore to Learn My Health (Health and Wellness)
  • Explore to Learn the Home (Foundational Skills)
  • Explore to Learn Self-Reliance (Finance)
  • Explore to Learn Sustainability (Environment)
  • Explore to Learn STEEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Exercise, Art, Math)
  • Explore to Learn the Great Outdoors (Camping)
  • Explore to Learn the Community (Civic Engagement)
  • Explore to Learn the Globe (World Peace)
We make learning fun so kids do not feel bored and lose interest.  Why not enjoy life while getting to know yourself and the world we live in better!  How many badges can you earn?


Troops may give out individual superlative awards of their own design and choosing to fit the students in their troop.

Every badge unit has the potential to earn an award if accompanied by an extra credit project. Students earn awards for completed home-based, community-based, and global philanthropy projects. Cross-cultural projects are a focal point.  Self-reliance and sustainability projects are highly encouraged.  Those projects that are innovative and can change the community or world are given honors. Higher awards take it to the next level, preparing students for adult life out on their own in a diverse environment.   We encourage our youth to step out of their comfort zone and try something new, collecting skills and wisdom to become the captain of their ships and leaders in global understanding.