We come together to appreciate our uniqueness, explore our connections, and celebrate our discoveries.

What are Super Home Ranger Scouts?

  • All girls, all boys or coed
  • Ages 5-17 are our focus with adult level volunteers that are members
  • No religious component
  • More than 50 patches to earn

Our Mission

To make learning at home fun for our kids then bring them together to share in fun activities that will strengthen bonds. 

Our Goal

Is to take what we learn, turn common interest into activities, and spread our knowledge and spirit of friendship to the world.  

Our Beliefs

We believe by finding the common bonds and exploring them together we will build a foundation of friendship and open doors to understanding and appreciating our differences.

What We Do

We promote learning starting at home first.  Then we bring kids together from all walks of life to share the unique values of every home and the common bonds of our journey.  We create a strong foundation for our children to take into the world to continue the path of learning and sharing with others to make the world a better place.

Our Pledge

I will do my best to learn at home first.  It is my responsibility to investigate the great mysteries of the world and find a common bond.  I will take all that I learn and share it with others.  My purpose is to power the good energy of the world so it will always win.