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How can you implement culture into everyday living?

These tips can be implemented whether you homeschool or not.  I simply believe learning starts at home.  Your child can get what they need as long as parents or caregivers supplement the messages they receive.

  1. Understand the Learner: Investigate the 4 basic learning styles.
  2. Introduce History Chronologically and Accurately
  3. Field Trips: Libraries, Museums, Plays, and Festivals
  4. Classes & Programs: Connect with Community Leaders
  5. Real Time Learning Experiences

 How do you advocate for your children if they go to school?

  1. Investigate their Teacher
  2. Connect and Get in Touch with their Teacher, PTA, and/or School Board
  3. Set Expectations with your Student and their Teacher
  4. Get Involved in Parent Groups, Volunteer, Be Supportive 
  5. Show Up to the School and be a Great Teammate!
  6. Contact State Officials to Suggest Multicultural Books be included in the Curriculum.